For Social Graces

For Social Graces
Dog Training

“Training for dog and their People”
Dog Training servicing Mt Juliet, TN and it’s surrounding Wilson County Areas

Why Choose Us

Positive Reinforcement is our main method for Dog Training; we think of it as a “Fun Game” so that dogs enjoy and want to play more!!   We believe that when this is practiced on a regular basis, dogs tend to look up to their owner for the next task at hand.

 We follow LIMA ( “Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive”) guidelines; harsh techniques are more harmful and make for an unpredictable dog.

Dogs need to know that they do not need to “run the household”.  They need a fair, confident and competent human to lead them instead.  When one is not presented, dogs will make their own rules.

Puppies start learning from the time they open their eyes (even before) so we like to start training as soon as possible.  Puppies can seem to be all over the place but can be taught to focus.  Food is the big motivator we like to start with and once a task is learned and completely understood we can back off and use other rewards.  Some of the biggest and best reinforcements are attention, petting, toys, going outside, play time, etc.  We watch for what they really feel is important to them and use that to get what we need from the dog.  The human is required to keep up with training unless unable to do so then we will do the training and pass along the cues.

Dogs are never “too old to learn new tricks”.  This is a wives tale about HUMANS.  We have taught many older dogs new things and old things that are important to finding a forever home.


Chelle attended Animal Behavior College and obtained the original certificate as a Professional Dog trainer.


Chelle is a member of and attends webinars, workshops, and conferences through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. APDT


Chelle studies and keeps up with the industry as part of the requirement for certification through CCPDT. Every three years she recertifies for the new certification by applying our CEUs and signing the Code of Ethics including LIMA

How It Works​

Phone/Email consult

Consult with a professional/Certified trainer to address questions and identify specific needs (Up to 15 minutes)

Set up Appointment

Get on the schedule. We tend to stay booked around 2-3 weeks out. We can schedule 1-3 appointments so you can determine the package you want to buy at the first session.

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First visit

We will immediately start training things that promote focus and impulse control and to determine where your dog is at with training.

Our Services

Basic Manners

We would start with the basics and start adding distance and distractions.  We are big on socialization so your pup will learn to be nice to others in social settings.  We will meet at parks and public areas to encourage the social skills.

Advanced and Behavior Modification

We work with many issues such as jumping, greeting people and dogs, barking, protecting, separation anxiety, fear and shyness, nipping, house training. leash walking and most of all, focus.

Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Preparation

Many people want to achieve the Canine Good citizen and want to take their dog to visit nursing homes, children, and hospitals, etc.  We are the choice for this as we have been very active in these areas.

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Dog Owner Reviews

Lori Knight
Lori Knight
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My son & I talked my husband into getting a puppy in December.....under the condition that we would do puppy training. Honestly, I thought it was silly. I'm 41 years old and had several dogs growing up, none of which had " training". Total skeptic. However, I held up my end of the bargain. I'm telling you after 1 visit , things WERE . We just finished our last visit and it was 100% worth it. Our dog ( Sox) LOVED training and being taught and being involved. I know I can teach him even more with the foundation that was laid in the training. Thank you guys. There's nothing to lose with these sessions for sure. We will miss our sessions!!! Thank you Chelle & Adam. Sox will miss you.
Stacy Frazier
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Chelle is amazing!! She has such a calm nature and understood exactly the needs for our Aussie. Our dog has made such amazing progress. Highly recommend! Absolutely worth every penny. My only regret was that we did not hire her sooner!!
Samantha Wright
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Chelle and Adam were amazing!! Our Winnie has vision issues so training has always been a challenge and they adapted to her needs so well. They were always on time for our sessions and you can tell they genuinely love what they do. Worth every penny. I am so happy we went with them!
Christy Becker
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Our family had a very positive experience with Chelle and Adam. Ever since our first initial phone conversation, communication was excellent. They were punctual for all appts and before every appt they would verify that they would be seeing us on that day. During our first conversation we explained what we were expecting from our training sessions and Chelle focused on our families needs. Before each training session we spoke again on what we wanted to focus on that day and she customized to our needs as the training progressed. I would highly recommend Chelle and Adam, they were friendly, knowledgeable, and our dog loved them and you could tell they enjoyed their job as trainers. I feel the cost was well worth the investment in our dog and family. In-home sessions were convenient and there was no down time for our dog to get used to a new environment before training started. Our family was able participate in the training sessions vs sending them to a offsite location for a few weeks, we thought in-home worked best for us. We plan to continue training in the future as we see what is needed for our family and our 1 year old dobie.
Suzanne Davidson
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Chelle was absolutely the perfect choice for training my 6 month old Khloe. I found her extremely knowledgeable and able to communicate with Khloe and had her grasping what she wanted from her immediately. I would highly recommend Chelle for training your needs.

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Chelle has built a trusting and effective dog training reputation and is sought out by many people that hear of her via word of mouth.